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Warehouse collection melamine-resin edges


Melamine edges matched to all KRONOSPAN designs from there collection "Trend 18/19 - Expressive" in minimum quantity of 330 sqm. Yes, we deliver the matching edgeband in melamine to each Kronospan decor from there new collection. Delivering from our stock or in short production time but minimum quantity is 330 sqm, slit in customer size.  


The new melamine resin edgeband collection is out now!

“Maximum Edition! The biggest edgeband collection ever; coming soon from Kroening."

Around 230 designs for melamine-resin edges in wood, solid colour and fantasy decors. Current lacquer and relief surfaces, reference lists of common flat decors. All edges are available for a straight application or as a soft edge. All edge designs are supplied by Kröning in thickness between approx. 0.35 and 1.0 mm. All edges can be coated on the back with hot melt glue. Kröning offers these decors from 150 m² also in “MuliCut” cuts, so variable widths between 18 and >100 mm per single roll.

Also new from Kröning, their successful Configurator Concept “Basic / Economy / Premium” for the warehouse collection is also available. This means although the furniture producer has found the right design of a melamine-resin edge in the box, the surface, structure or the gloss level do not match their plate. As the only manufacturer worldwide, Kröning offers now for such situations the Configurator Service. The selected decor, with a variation in the desired surface, is produced immediately and delivered from 660 m² according to the price conditions of a warehouse edge. No customized print, no blanket orders, no long delivery periods, no higher costs.


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Our product range at a glance

Finish Foils

Based on impregnated technical papers are our foils for profile wrapping. Standard collection or individual printed designs, perfect lacquered and with haptic surface.

Melamine resin edge band

Whether as a straight edge, soft edge or as an inserted designer edge, Kroening offers the perfect material for every use.